Highly recommend it and would dare anyone to copy us. Minute level information 8. I just recommended this to a friend of mine who recently opened a small business and wanted a a nice VOIP software Very often we install it on existing Windows based hardware that is used for other purposes as well without any issue. Simply the best soft phone i ever used.

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The product is quite intuitive as well. It was difficult to understand and the conference call feature do not always work as expected. They have put a lot of thought into the functionality and features which means we can now manage the PBX and any changes needed as to having to call the support vendor so they can remote in and do the changes. And, when you choose one or the other, there are no other « Ala Spftphone options. I have had to search the internet to find the information I required and this was from fellow users who been kind enough to share their knowledge and expertise. The licensing model is unique from any other phone system we’ve used.

It is also easy to transfer calls to other people or call out by just typing the first couple of letters in the person’s name.

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Great at what it does. For the folks making phone calls, it works perfectly.

We work around this easily in most cases and if not we run two instances on the same server. So far not too many cons, still new to it and doing testing so there could be some limitations that are discovered later on. You wont find anything better than 3CX – trust me we have spent a lot of resources trying. I have to restart the software from time to time because it will stop working.


The ability to easily setup phones and manage the PBX, things like doing a scheduled backups, can easily restore a backup if needed, ability to manage calls, extensions, users, etc.

We also resell the services and the multi-tenancy is great for larger organizations or inside our own cloud. Included in the system is a provisionable mobile application for Android and softphine which extend the range of the traditional Softpjone outside the traditional physical boundaries of the office.

This system is pretty reliable from my end user perspective. Très faible Très élevée. The call channel restriction is a pain. The sofftphone to pay for more trunks feels like a natural pay-gate, especially considering how much this feature is requested in DIY PBX communities.

3cx softphone

For example, we have clients that 3x standing meetings siftphone Monday from From our office phone we are able to see if our guests hotel are using the phones in their rooms amd can easily xfer calls to guests or staff. The only downside to the 3fx that I didnt like was once they added the QR Scan for mobile devices.


Self training softhpone not be the best in this case. Buy what you need for the next few years. Easy, user friendly interface and semi customizable! The 3CX Phone System system simply works. A lot of bang for the buck, easy to setup, easy to admin. I receive calls that are transferred to me and I rarely get any complaints that the call didn’t make it to me or was dropped in the process. Major software updates have a habit of reorganizing the control panel.


3cx softphone

Predecessors such as Trixbox and Asterix had trouble implementing this feature without extensive customization. The installation was simple and smooth, activation and provisioning was straightforward, no hitches. My latest installation is 3CX Version The whole system is running and performing as you would expect stable and reliable Inconvénients: Easy to use, no hassle PBX system with enterprise reliability and small-business ease of use.

Perfect solution for in-house exchange 4. Would like to see this expanded on.

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Essentially having two lines or more on your smart phone can be very useful! One PBX ties our main facilities in with multiple repair crews and project offices.

We have a flawless phone system that is easy to administer with lots of extra features. Highly recommend it and would dare anyone to copy us. The features such as conferencing, webinars, call centerschat and voice mail allows for individuals or companies to operate seamlessly despite different geographical softphobe.